“Pensiamo, proviamo e testiamo più volte, andando alla scoperta di soluzioni inedite: le nostre borse nascono spesso da splendidi errori. Ma la qualità non è mai uno sbaglio, un caso, un incidente. È piuttosto il risultato di volontà e di ricerca appassionata.”
Ti aspettiamo

Éche: designed to last

The Éche Project was born in 2017, in Treviso, from the intuition of the two founders, Sara Favarin and Walter D’Alò. Sense of aesthetics and passion for design, combined with their creative vision, give life to unique leather bags.

“We ask ourselves thousands of questions about our bags functionality and aesthetic impact before creating a new one. When we find all the answers in every single bag, then we elect it to become Éche.”

Éche gives voice to new women’s needs by rethinking everyday essentials, its rationalist vision of design and utilitarian purpose gives birth to versatile bags always characterized by original cues. Bags that can be seen as an extension of the feminine identity.

“We try, test and overturn common logics. We take the path of discovery and surprising solutions. Our bags are all born from wonderful mistakes. But quality is never an accident, an error, a chance. It’s rather the result of a smart research.”

An uncompromising approach towards quality is the driving force of the brand. Éche’s bags are all handmade with the finest quality of leather and Italian artisanal technique. These are all characteristics that grant even more personality and durability to the final product.