International inspiration in stylistic languages, starting from the choice of the name: Éche has more than one declination. Eke stands for bag in Hawaiian but it is also the eternal, the perpetual, the infinite in middle English (Éche).

“We ask ourselves a thousand questions about today’s women before creating a new accessory in the collection, and only when we have found all the answers in a single bag, then we elect it to become Éche.”

The Éche woman is elegant and spontaneous. She dares, she has fun, she knows what she wants and how to get it. She is adventurous and feminine.

Bags are special objects, authentic extensions of a woman’s personality.
They are light points on our identity.
They are antidotes to insecurities.
They condition our days, our pace, our grip on life.

Double soul

The Éche project was born in 2017, in Treviso, from the creativity of the two founders, Sara and Walter.
United by a strong sense of aesthetics and a passion for design, the two partners combine their creative vision with the technical skill of master craftsmen, creating leather bags with a unique expressive force, far from the conventions of luxury and dedicated to an eclectic and independent.

Sara (told by Walter)

«One of the aspects I feel I have in common with Sara is the sensitivity for what we consider ‘beautiful’: shapes, colors, places, behaviors and details. Among the greatest qualities I have found in her, there is the ability – I would say talent – of her in knowing (and wanting) to manage nuances and details, even the most subtle, in every matter, adding her marked humanity to intuition creative. She combines the choice of the most suitable accessory for her with her therapeutic smile and a new model in the design phase with the right word that comes from her heart. We are close in the idea of ​​how to do business: aiming at “team play” flanked by professionals with whom we can deal, without ever losing the will to immerse ourselves and preside over every phase of the creative process with our passion. As a good lawyer (who cannot stop being) he analyzes the world around him, looking for and finding functional solutions. But the attention, diligence, passion that he uses in his work are the twins of those who live, as a mother, in the loving growth of her daughter. The friendship, trust, sense of responsibility and tireless perseverance I found in her are my precious propellant, especially when the path in our business dream seems more difficult “.

Walter (told by Sara)

“If every hedgehog is a whim, Walter is the exception that proves the rule. He is serious, poised, respectful, punctual, the Aplomb par excellence (with a capital letter that he deserves). A “foreigner” arrived in my Treviso from Udine to carry out his job as a financial consultant. At first glance a very reserved man, a bit shy, of few words. But, once he got to know him better, a cheerful, funny person with a big heart. He became my friend by chance, but his fate could only knock on my door. Similar in many life choices: the same education, the same feelings, similar tastes and interests, the same sensitivity for beauty and the same honesty of soul. “Being kind costs nothing” he often repeats to me. And, in fact, his courtesy, his polite manners, his innate gallantry distinguish him. Walter is my antidote to anxiety: I am impulsive, emotional, instinctive. He is reflective, with an innate ability to ponder and measure. Lover of design, trimmed of successful entrepreneurial stories, expert in electronic music, passionate about skiing. His motto? Persevere, because staying steadfast and constant in anything can make a difference ».

Solid roots in the territory, rich in craftsmanship, and in the selection of production partners. Every detail of the Éche project is, in fact, Italian.

The manufacture relies on the sectors of excellence of the Riviera del Brenta and the Valdarno Superiore districts. The top quality leathers are produced and tanned in Italy and are complemented with accessories also made by local companies: closures, hinges and handles are combined with each bag to give it character and peculiarity.

Our bags are all born from wonderful mistakes

We try, we test, we overturn common logics and we experiment, we dig into the history of craftsmanship, and we go to the discovery of surprising new solutions. The excellence of the Brenta and Tuscany districts – hearts of Italian leather goods – work with us. People and skilled hands: we could never give up this lucky dna in which Éche came to life. Today we know how to look far, but never beyond the borders of Made in Italy.

Strada Comunale delle Corti 54, 31100 Treviso Italia


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